Site Updates

11th August 2018
Removed some broken links.

29th April 2009
Updated the Links page.

12th April 2009
Fixed YouTube links on the Videos page.

2nd August 2008
Updated the Links page and removed the Affiliates page, added some YouTube links to the Videos page, fixed the Frasier Forum.

17th June 2005
Started a new counter.

16th June 2005
Fixed a bug affecting only Internet Explorer, made the majority of the site XHTML 1.0 Strict.

13th June 2005
Made the backend code slightly stricter, added the quiz, made further use of CSS.

27th May 2005
Added the Frasier episode list, revamped the menu system.

26th May 2005
Made the entire site XHTML compliant, slightly increased use of CSS, removed one or two redundant pages.

23rd May 2005
Updated the homepage and started making a couple of pages XHTML compliant, also updated the Links page.

21st August 1999
Won an award and made some minor improvements.

15th August 1999
Added more Frasier pictures and links.

7th July 1999
Added more Frasier pictures.

13th June 1999
The full site went online...

213th June 1999
Rearranged the Frasier image galleries.

20th June 1999
Got a new new counter, improved the menu system and added more links.

113th June 1999
The basic shells of all the pages and the menu system went online.

6th June 1999
The counter started.